27 May 2012
It's been a hard slog but the book is now fully illustrated and written, it goes to press this week and the website is launched! ""

31 December 2012
"Will and Dot's Terrific Tree House" has been successfully funded. Thanks so much to all of my backers! The book will be published as soon as it is ready - April at the earliest, June at the latest.

24 November 2012
Arup Associates new website launched - some of my illustrations feature in the exploration section. Arup Associates

12 November 2012
Launched crowd funding campaign for an illustrated children's book I am aiming to self publish: "Will and Dot's Terrific Treehouse"

16 May 2012

Qualified as an architect - phew.

7 June 2011

Today I met lots of friendly Finns in Helsinki while delivering a lecture on behalf of Arup Associates at the Alvar Aalto academy.

19 April 2011
The King and the Minotaur reviewed by building design magazine

14 April 2011
Mention in the Londonist

7 April 2011
Exhibiting in "The King and the Minotaur" at the Labyrinth Gallery, 7 St Pancras Way, London - 8-30th April

09 January 2011
Locust chair covered by EatYellowCake

18 December 2010
Exhibition review in wemakemoneynotart

14 December 2010
'Prediction' Exhibition video

2 December 2010
Exhibiting now at 'Prediction' - part of the Bienniale Internationale Design 2010, St Etienne, France.

14 August 2010
Area 8 (a newly formed design collective; Adam and 4 other RCA alumni) have been commissioned to produce a public art installation for the Royal Albert Hall landing in October 2010. w a t c h t h i s s p a c e

6 August 2010
Exhibition review in Building Magazine

4 June 2010
I passed my final MA examination at the Royal College of Art yesterday!

7 May 2010
RCA SHOW dates announced - download flyer . I'll be in Architecture 25 June - 4 July, please come and see!

5 May 2010
Locust chair will be on display in the 'Prediction' Exhibition at the 2010 INTERNATIONAL DESIGN BIENNIAL IN ST ETIENNE , November 2010.

26 Feb 2010
PRESS::: Golden Orb Spider Farm coverage on We Make Money Not Art Click Here

11 Feb 2010
PRESS::: Exhibition Coverage in Building Magazine Click Here
PRESS::: More exhibition coverage on Eat Yellow Cake Click Here

3 Feb 2010
EXHIBITING NOW::: Work in progress show open daily from 9am-5.30pm 3-9 Feb 2010, the Royal College of Art, London, SW7 2EU. [ Architecture in the Lower Gulbenkian Gallery ] See photos below and Click Here

18 Dec 2009
PRESS::: Article published in Building Magazine Click Here